Post 12 – Task Plan

Chosen Option

I have chosen the option of Content Creation with Complex Interactivity for my project, I will be building interactive Tank Commander Sim that the user can use and make it be able to tell the user how to use it and to change the shell types.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of the Project is to create an interactive item that can be used as a Interactive Display in a Automotive Museum Display. It will be able to Interacted with and be able to be seated in and used.

Learning Goal

My learning goal is to improve my knowledge in scripting and to be able to complete this project with the appropriate scripts to make the project to work.

resources that will guide the task (i.e. timelines, images)

Date Item Comment Changes/Extras
Week 1 A scanning system that will detect the presence of an avatar then interact with the avatar in some manner Scans for User

If Found

“Welcome to Tank Commander Sim”

Week 2 A prim’s inventory item (Content) passed to an avatar Notecard (Instructions)

How to Use

What to Do

What things Are

Week 3 The sitting of an avatar on a prim with the purpose of either “seating” or “teleporting” the avatar Sitting in Commander Position

On Seat

Week 4 Prim movement through scripting Turret Rotation
Week 5 An instance of scripted communication with an avatar via main chat Crew Responses

i.e. – You press to turn the turret 90 Degree to the Left

Text will Say

“Gunner – Turret Rotate 90 Degrees Left”.

Say you pick the AP shell

“Loader – Loading AP”

Week 6 The presentation of a dialog menu with a minimum of three options displayed Select Shells –





Post 11 – Protecting Intellectual Property

How the Permissions system helps to protect IP

The permission system help protect your Intellectual property by allowing or not allowing that content to be Copied, Modified or Transferred. This give the user the option on what to do.

A brief description of what CopyBot is and how it can/should be used

A CopyBot is a Second Life Client that has the ability to be able to copy and export items from Second Life without being check for permissions meaning it can export a object/script that’s has a no copy, no transfer or no export on it and completely bypass it.

CopyBot on the other hand can be used to back up your content buy exporting it to opensim making saving your property easyers and don’t have to worry about loss of content in game.

An analysis of ways in which creators of content can protect (or open up) their creations in a virtual world.

Ways you can protect your content/creations in a virtual world is to first set all the permissions check wether you want it to be modified, edited, transfered exported. Another way you can protect it is via writing in the description of the object stating the permissions this is not as effective as setting then but can help reinforce for anyone looking or using the content.

Post 10 – Permissions on objects

A description of the different levels of permissions (e.g. Modify/Copy/Transfer/Export)


Modify means when the object/script is in your control you can change how it looks

Example: Change Color and Shape


Copy means you may copy the object to make multiple versions of that object/script

Example: Make two of the same object


Transfer means you are aloud to transfer the object/script to another user

Example: Pass to my friend Bob


Export is when you can take it out of the game to use in other Virtual environments that support it

Example: Remove from the game to import into OpenSim


Suggestions of when you might use the different permissions


I have just purchased a object off the store and it allows me to modify but I have found the object is the wrong color than what I wanted but since I have the permission to modify I can adjust the color to the correct color that I would like


I just purchased a Tree to use in my environment and it allows me to copy so I can make Multiple trees around the environment from the one tree I brought


My friend visited my environment and saw the tree I had got and wanted it, so I checked the permissions and it allows me to transfer to I can pick it up and transfer it to him to take it


I have decided to make a project in OpenSim and I want to use that same tree as I had before. the tree allows me to export to  I export it to a file and then import it into OpenSim


Post 9 – SL Community Standards

A brief description of the six standards and a link to where they can be read


No Demeaning Language or images that are based on race, ethnicity, gender religion or sexual orientation


No Harassing in any form including anything that can be offensive or taken as coarse, intimidating or threatening


Treat people as you would IRL no acts of intimidation or bullying (Pushing, Shoving, Repeating Shooting)

Invasion of Personal Space/Comfort Zones

Respect personal space, be mindful of hand gestures movement and your position to others

Inappropriate Content

As it say no inappropriate content for the location your in, Adult content only aloud in private region marked as “Adult”


No sharing of personal information of other without there consent, except for the purpose of reporting abuse or any other violation of policy’s to Linden Lab.

Why you think they have been created

They have been created to keep a level of standards in the Virtual Environment exactly like the Laws we have IRL they are there to protect the users from unwanted behavior or exposure to context.

How you would make sure you do not violate the standards

To make sure I do not violate these rule I would make sure I was familiar with the rules then apply them to the content in game. Try stick away from any contact that could be in violation of the standards.

A brief description of what to do if you think that someone else is abusing the standards

If you fell someone else is abusing the standards the first thing you should do is report it to Linden Labs and let them deal with the problem and not get involved yourself, any supporting screenshots or recoding can help them deal with the problem faster even a detailed description of the party and there activities. that is a link to how to report content in game.

Post 8 – Participating in a Community

Indecisive Barthilas WoW

Indecisive is a Semi-Hardcore raiding guild in the fantasy MMO game called World of Warcraft, They are a group of around 30 main Raiders and many more who are just casual players.

The Aim of the group is to work together and beat the bosses in the high-end raids of the game. the bosses consist of complicated mechanics and the team must work together to overcome these. The Mechanics change from boss to boss and require planning and strategies to be able to defeat the boss. The Raid Team consists of 20 players who vary from 4 main classes Tanks (Job to Take the Hits from the Boss and to Soak Mechanics), Healers (Job to Heal the raid team and to reduce the damage taken), Melee DPS (Job to damage the boss and interrupt mechanics at close range with Melee weapons), Range DPS (Job the same as Melee but from a distance), each role as different jobs to do that need to all be coordinated to complete the goal

The group meets on Wednesdays, Sundays and Mondays at 9 NZT for the Raid which is ongoing for 3 hours,

In the Group i go under the username RoyalKiwi who is a Blood Elf Holy Priest who is one of the Main Raid Team Healers, my job is to make sure the raid team doesn’t die during the encounters by healing or placing damage reduction on the team.

I joined the Community in Feb 2018 and have called the guild home since then Joining the raid and raiding ever since.

Lately I have been working on a Guild Website to help with recruitment and displays of our achievements – – Guild Website

My main Participation in the community is in the guilds raids on Wednesdays, Sundays, Monday and run for 3 hours in the current raid Antorus the Burning Throne we are at the moment progressing on the final boss of the raid tier.

progression generally consists of multiple wipes on a boss slowly learning the mechanics and learning the guild strategy, this helps all the 20 in the raid team work together better.

unknown As you can see in the picture above it took the guild 184 pulls to finally down the boss which took a total of 9 1/2 hours of progression to complete this was done over multiple raid nights.

In the Video you can see the first kill the team got on the boss Varimathras and can see how the mechanics teach the team to work together to beat the encounter there view is from our resident warlock, the User Interface that he uses is his own custom one that he has created and many of us use our own.

In all 3 Videos I’m on my Holy Priest Healer making sure people don’t die



Post 7 – Locations 2

Urban Spirit

Why you chose it

i chose it as i didn’t really have any idea of where else to look

What functionality/interactivity it provides (i.e. what do avatars DO there)

The location is made as a creative way to sell the provided textures/ Scripts and Objects

How it looks/how is it built/how much scripting there seems to be

The area is very grudge looking with dark post apocalyptic feel with all the sirens and stuff going off, Built with full mesh (from what i can see) and seems to be a lot of scripting.

How it compares to others

Again with my previous blog that it hard to compare when they are very diverse but again its extremely well don’t with the textures and sound effects.

What your impressions of it are

Personally its not my favorite style but i do like the look


Post 6 – Locations 1

Happy Mood

Why you chose it

I chose the location because its a immensely beautiful location.

What functionality/interactivity it provides (i.e. what do avatars DO there)

The location is made as a creative way to sell the provided textures/ Scripts and Objects, But can be used like i am as a interactive inspiration for my final project.

How it looks/how is it built/how much scripting there seems to be

Its looks are like Elvin/Fantasy Wildlife and looks to be built with full mesh

How it compares to others

Hmm how it compares to others, Well to be honest its hard to compare to others as most are very diverse, but i can say its well detailed and works well together and is a very interesting environment.

What your impressions of it are

My impressions are that its amazingly beautiful and i enjoy walking around admiring the objects and views