Post 18 – Project (Update 6)



Post 14 – Project [Update 2]

Finally finished the main turret model ready for the scripts.

I have added the main base with a help podium which transfers a notecard or a link to the wiki about the type of vehicle it is.

4-june 2

I have also added a dialog menu which asks which type of shell you want to load and when selected the loader will type via main chat “”Loader – High Explosive Loaded Commander”” which changed depending on the type of shell.

4-june 3

My plans for the week coming are to add the turret moving script and also add the script for detecting peoples avatars.


Post 13 – Project [Update 1]

The Project has been coming along well when being worked on. The Scripts that have been gone over in the Class have been useful and helped when it come to looking at the scripts.

So far I have been working on the project model to add the scripts to I was struggling to create these models in Second Life so I have moved over to SketchUp which I then import the mesh models into the environment.

My plan is to have the model of the turret done by the week to be able to start the scripts to make it fictional then will add the final prisms and detail like Textures.

The Process so far is going fine even though it might be a little behind.


Post 12 – Task Plan

Chosen Option

I have chosen the option of Content Creation with Complex Interactivity for my project, I will be building interactive Tank Commander Sim that the user can use and make it be able to tell the user how to use it and to change the shell types.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of the Project is to create an interactive item that can be used as a Interactive Display in a Automotive Museum Display. It will be able to Interacted with and be able to be seated in and used.

Learning Goal

My learning goal is to improve my knowledge in scripting and to be able to complete this project with the appropriate scripts to make the project to work.

resources that will guide the task (i.e. timelines, images)

Date Item Comment Changes/Extras
Week 1 A scanning system that will detect the presence of an avatar then interact with the avatar in some manner Scans for User

If Found

“Welcome to Tank Commander Sim”

Week 2 A prim’s inventory item (Content) passed to an avatar Notecard (Instructions)

How to Use

What to Do

What things Are

Week 3 The sitting of an avatar on a prim with the purpose of either “seating” or “teleporting” the avatar Sitting in Commander Position

On Seat

Week 4 Prim movement through scripting Turret Rotation
Week 5 An instance of scripted communication with an avatar via main chat Crew Responses

i.e. – You press to turn the turret 90 Degree to the Left

Text will Say

“Gunner – Turret Rotate 90 Degrees Left”.

Say you pick the AP shell

“Loader – Loading AP”

Week 6 The presentation of a dialog menu with a minimum of three options displayed Select Shells –